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Department of Art History

Rationale and Aims
Art history is a wide-ranging field of study and scholarly research, in time and space. During the studies the student gains knowledge of this fascinating domain, and the array of approaches to it, with the help of lecturers of the first rank. The Department of Art History prepares students for an understanding of the history of the culture of the West and of the culture of Islam throughout their various periods. Study is conducted through in-depth critical analysis of works of painting, sculpture, and architecture. In the framework of studies the ties are examined of historical and cultural events with art works along the diverse periods, and the student is provided with tools to develop the skill of visual discernment and habits of critical thinking. The department is especially proud of the personal approach given to its students, and of the close and direct relations that prevail between them and the lecturers.
BA tracks:
1) The Art History department offers studies for the first degree (BA) on the two-major track, and from the second year it is possible to transfer to the one-major track (for students with average scores of 80 and above).
2) "Psychodali" program - Accelerated track  (6 semesters in 2 years) for students who aim for the Art Therapy graduate program: The department has a curriculum in conjunction with the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies. This curriculum allows students in it to apply for the study track for a diploma in art therapy in their field of studies, without the need for supplementary courses.
3) BA program common to the faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Education, including an accelerated BA track (less than 3 years) in art history and education, and a teaching certificate in the field of art.
MA tracks:
The Art History department offers studies towards the second degree (MA) on two tracks:
1) Track I – a track with a final research study (thesis). This is a two-year track (with mandatory courses) and one more year for writing the thesis.
2) Track II – a track without a final research study (without thesis). This two-year track concludes with an exam.
Another MA program is in Curatorship, which is both professional and theoretical program. This includes courses on practical and theoretical aspects of curatorship, tours to museums and galleries, an exhibitions workshop and internship. MA in curatorship also has two tracks, with or without thesis. 

Graduates of the Art History department enrich the cultural, spiritual, and creative world. They have a broader and more profound historical grasp of the culture in which we live and of its roots. Employment opportunities open before the department's graduates in the fields of education, museum guiding, curatorship, tourism, communication, auction houses, and links with the community; graduates may also move from Art History to the various therapeutic areas.

Admission to the department is contingent on applicants' meeting the general admission criteria of the university, on the level required by the department.
For more information about the Department of Art History you may write or speak to the head of the department or the department coordinator, who will be happy to talk to, counsel, and guide you.
Our address:
Department of Art History
University of Haifa
Mt. Carmel, Haifa 31905
Telephone: 04-8240567
Fax: 04-8288644
Dept. Head:
Dr. Emma Maayan-Fanar
Department Coordinator:
Sigal Ben Yair

Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring, c. 1665, Oil on canvas, 44.5x39 cm, The Hague, Mauritshuis (Image taken from the Public Domain)